Tai Chi at Bourton Leisure Centre resumes on 18 May 2021. Please book your place with the Leisure Centre. 

Tai Chi in the garden continues for all levels of ability.

Mondays in Shipton under Wychwood. Wednesdays in Barton on the Heath. Some sessions are suitable for beginners, so please contact me for details.

Other indoor sessions will resume in due course, Broadway is planned for September.

There are lots of good videos on YouTube. Here is a selection from Grandmaster Chen. He has developed some lovely exercises to strengthen the lungs. There is also a video and contribution from Kinthissa which she has kindly allowed me to share. Please have a look. I have also included some Silk Reeling and The 19 Form with Chen Xiaowang. Happy practice.

Kinthissa here – you may have to copy this link – http://www.taiji.org/kt/yfg/




At Cotswold Tai Chi, Valerie Ward helps us to maintain and improve our general health and well being in both body and mind. The ancient Chinese systems of Qi Gong (pronounced – chi gung) and Chen Style Tai Chi achieve this, not through pounding and straining, but through the cultivation of relaxation and gently focused attention.

The classes cater to a wide range of physical abilities and are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. Everyone works at their own level but beginners can expect to progress quickly as they benefit from having more experienced people in the group.

Most sessions include some time devoted to a tai chi ‘Form’, a series of movements, which take several minutes to complete. This can seem rather complicated and be a little daunting for new students. But after just a few weeks of following and copying, the Form becomes more familiar. Individual movements are practiced and refined each week so the whole Form gradually comes together. Learning the sequences should be a fun and interesting challenge but it is not the most important aspect of the practice. Tai chi is about mindfully learning how to move, to integrate the whole body as one unit. This produces the improvements to balance, coordination, flexibilty and strength. Promoting harmony for body, mind and spirit.

Cotswold Tai Chi is affiliated to the Three Counties Chen Taijiquan Association headed by Master Chen Yingjun.