All classes resume week commencing 6 January 2020. Ideal time for new beginners to join, everyone welcome.


At Cotswold Tai Chi, Valerie Ward helps us to bring our life into balance, promoting good health and well being for body and mind. The ancient Chinese systems of Qi Gong (pronounced – chi gung) and Chen Style Tai Chi achieve this, not through pounding and straining, but through the cultivation of relaxation and gently focused attention.

Most classes are ‘mixed ability’ which includes mixed levels of experience as well as mixed levels of physical fitness. These groups can easily incorporate new beginners as everyone works at their own level. You can expect to progress much more quickly than in a beginners only group as you benefit from the experience of those around you.

Usually the final half hour of each session is devoted to the tai chi ‘Form’, a series of more complicated movements, which can be daunting for new students. You are welcome to join in and follow along, but you may prefer to wait until you feel more familiar with the basics before participating. Individual movements are learned and refined each week so the whole Form gradually comes together. Learning sequences can be a fun and interesting challenge but, more importantly, tai chi is about how you move, integrating the whole body as one unit.

Cotswold Tai Chi is affiliated to the Three Counties Chen Taijiquan Association headed by Master Chen Yingjun.