About Val

I first discovered the joys of Tai Chi in 1997 when I attended a local weekly class run by John Llewellyn. With two small children to look after at home my life was pretty hectic and I soon realised that just an hour of Tai Chi was enough to melt away all my stress. I also noticed my fitness improving and enjoyed the challenge of learning the Form. I qualified to teach in 2001 and was eager to pass on my knowledge.

One of the beauties of the ‘art’ of Tai Chi is that there is always more to learn and discover. Like playing a musical instrument, there is no end to the level of expertise that can be achieved. Chen Style practitioners are extremely fortunate to have access to the highest level of instruction directly from the Chen family members. I was delighted to be able to study under one of the greatest living Tai Chi masters, Chen Xiaowang, whenever he visited the UK. I have also travelled to China to train with him in his hometown. In more recent years Grandmaster Chen’s son, Master Chen Yingjun, has taken over the role of international mentor and I continue to improve and refine my skills under his excellent guidance.