Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhaung)

This is an important aspect of our Tai Chi development. The intention is to align the body and calm the mind. We do this consciously at first, but the practice of maintaining stillness allows the body to come back into balance. It will eventually find its own equilibrium without the interference of the mind.

A few minutes of standing meditation is included in each of the group sessions as a physical and mental preparation for the Tai Chi session that follows. Posture can be adjusted to improve alignment and enhance the flow of chi. Students are encouraged to practice at home and gradually increase the time, which will produce enormous benefits for health and personal growth.

A note of caution – zhan zhaung can lower blood pressure and may cause dizziness. It is important to maintain your awareness and not relax too much. You can wiggle your toes to keep the circulation going. Any light headedness is an indication that you need to take a break and you should not try to fight your way through it. For most people though, the potential benefits from regular meditation far outweigh the risks, but it is of course, a personal choice. The meditation can be performed seated if preferred and your teacher can show you the correct posture for this.

For your private practice it is recommend to build up the time to 20 minutes or so, but even just a five or ten minutes is beneficial. It is useful, occasionally, to stand for longer, anything up to an hour, and the more you do the better it gets.




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